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Air Export


We're providing services of air export transportation including pick-up, inland transport, entrance into airport warehouse, customs-clearance, door-to-door upon order from customers for transportation of precious cargo to be handled with urgency and safty.

With overseas network connected to worldwide agent and partner we're providing customers with speed, precise and safe door-to-door service.

And every customer could check cargo flow through Information Technology system based EDI facilities connected to Customs-house, customers and airlines, and we're offering multimodal air freight services with competitive air freight charges as well as economic, reliable and best satisfaction to customers.

Air Freight (Export & Import)

- International Airfreight Forwarder
- Export/Import consolidation
- Sea/Air combined transport
- Break-bulk services
- Customs clearance Services
- Packing Services
- Warehouse/Distribution Services
- Door-to-Door service